In the streaming age and with music being more accessible to listen to, discover and create than ever before, trusted curation is more important than it’s ever been, to drown out the noise and highlight the incredible. At LP Radio, we want to help break through the streaming malaise and offer up the best new music to you all day, every day.

No agendas, no boxes to tick, just the best music in the world brought straight to you from all around the world via our studio in Glasgow.

LP Radio offers bespoke and personally tailored music curation and play-listing, from live DJ sets, bar playlists, retail spaces and everything in between. We’re a collection of diverse music lovers who have worked in various fields within the music industry and our curation and awareness of brand new music is second to none.


Use music to define your space

Dull play-listing or monotonous top 40 radio can take the shine off even the coolest of spaces. How many bars or cafes have you referenced the awful music, how many have you heard the same number 1 song in over and over again?

Conversely, you remember the bars with the good music, the place where you felt compelled to ask the server what was playing, the cafe you first heard that band.

We can help create this environment for you.

Create an ambience

Everywhere needs a soundtrack, but the best spaces develop their own. We can help direct the ambience of your space. Wether it’s quiet, calming and cool in a lobby, or bouncing and loud in a late night setting. Music is the most effective way to passively influence and engage your patrons and staff.

New Music Playlists

Want your space to have the most current alternative new music available shuffling throughout the day? Jump on board with our base level curation offer, you’ll get access to our private New Music playlists, updated every Monday with 3 hours of the absolute best new music in the world to keep your soundtrack as fresh as possible while giving time for regular customers to get the benefit of them. No more top 40 hits spending 15 weeks at number 1 and making your ears bleed.

New Music + Chosen Vibes

I hate using the word vibe. Get access to our New Music curation weekly as well as a selection of different vibes, mixed with old and new music to set the appropriate tone for your space at any given moment. Party atmosphere? Get the tunes faster and bigger, cool evening in a relaxing restaurant? Smooth tunes only. Change it up throughout the day, find what works for you and combine it with the New Music playlist for a full proof day of perfectly judged music.

Bespoke Curation

Curation is what we do here at LP. It’s been the priority since the original record shop opened in 2015 with it’s limited, acutely judged selection, framing the shopping experience around engaging people with quality, unheard music, instead of faceless mainstream choices.

With a bespoke curation package, we will come by or keep in touch WEEKLY with you to assess your soundtrack needs immediately in person. After an initial meeting where we discuss your clientele, who you want to attract, the type of music you want to focus on etc. we will make completely custom playlists for your space, exclusively for your use.

In this package, the goal is to make the music in your space the perfect fit. Wether your goal is to attract repeat custom through their enjoyment of the music, to improve the overall atmosphere of your space, to help people feel comfortable or to make people excited. Music is the best and simplest way to engage with people, and we want to help you do that.

Contact us about curation work starting at just £10!